Maughan Capital

About Us

Maughan Capital manages the investment portfolio of Nick Maughan, a British businessman, ESG investor and philanthropist. Nick has invested in a wide range of companies and start-ups, mostly with a basis in data analysis, algorithmic modelling and emerging technologies. His innovations in risk and analytics have a wide application to theory and strategy in the realms of financial derivatives trading and technology, financial modelling, actuarial science, predictive analytics technology and big data.

Nick began his career at Tamiso & Co, a quant fund based in New York. Over the course of his subsequent career as an investor he has been involved in the structuring and sale of a number of highly successful companies in financial derivatives trading & technology, predictive analytics and platform technologies for entertainment industries, including children’s story apps and games.

He left the UK for the United States at the age of 24, before later moving to Sofia, Bulgaria where he spent ten years building software companies. While there he fell in love with the city’s beautiful old buildings and spent his spare time restoring several monuments of culture.

Nick is an emerging technology enthusiast and has invested in a number of pioneering AI companies. He also takes an active interest in blockchain technology, particularly its application to supporting development in emerging nations and the cancellation of its carbon footprint. Most recently he has funded a space satellite video feed company for the purpose of land and wildlife conservation monitoring and management.

A proponent of impact investing, Nick is involved in a number of projects designed to generate beneficial social or environmental effects, in addition to financial gains. He has argued for the need to improve the effectiveness and credibility of impact investing by establishing more rigorous systems for measuring and quantifying a company’s “impact”. 

In addition to technology investments Nick particularly enjoys his involvement in real estate development, with a focus on restoring heritage buildings to their former glory. Nick is passionate about his philanthropic activities and is now mostly engaged with the Nick Maughan Foundation, while his colleagues manage the daily activities of Maughan Capital.
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