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ESG investing should be a broad church which welcomes multiple interpretations

July’s ousting of HSBC Asset Management’s former head of responsible investment, Stuart Kirk, on account of comments he made during a presentation entitled “why investors need not worry about climate risk” has shone yet another spotlight on an important issue for ESG investors considering the climate impact of potential investments. At a Financial Times conference […]

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Making ESG real means integrating it into business strategy

Investors should examine how directors relate ESG to company strategy This week, global consulting giant McKinsey and Company published a report entitled “How to make ESG real”, in which it outlined how companies can take a more systematic and rewarding approach to ESG. The underlying argument is that there needs to be a more robust […]

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We must not ditch the overall notion of ESG, but we must find better ways to communicate what under its umbrella represents material financial risk to investors

Last week, the Economist argued that we should ditch the overall notion of ESG because it promises too much and is too complicated. In a special report which followed recent eye-catching incidents such as the Deutsche Bank greenwashing probe, it argued that although ESG is often well-meaning, it is deeply flawed.  This is true. Why so? It […]

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